What sets us apart from our competition is our ability to craft bespoke joinery elements in our own North London joinery yard, to make sure our work remains in keeping with the era and period style of your property. Laying the floor is the easy part; matching detailing and bespoke joinery helps seamlessly bind your new floor to the character of your beloved home.

Bespoke Stair Parts

People don’t often realise that you flooring does not have to end at the floor. Over years of practice we have developed methods to replicate your floor seamlessly throughout staircases. We avoid using ‘plant-on’ accessories and have our own unique techniques to create beautiful staircases in a range of styles.

Bespoke seamless door thresholds

It is important that you floor has a continuous flow throughout your property. Oak Artisans do not believe in ‘plant-on accessories’ so we will always leave your floor flowing continuously from room to room. If floor heights are different we will hand-craft threshold pieces unique to every single opening.

Fireplace and matwell detailing

Any bespoke enquiry