Once our craftsmen have completed the hand finishing process of your floor, our own friendly delivery team will bring it along to your property in our own dedicated van and carefully offload it to a convenient place within your property.

Pre installation

Before we start the installation process, we will check every single parameter with you regarding both the site conditions and the floor. Our friendly fitter will have a 25 point checklist, checking everything from Air Humidity, Temperature, Moisture Content through to colour compliance and grade acceptance. Once all these checks are made and signed off by both customer and supplier our fitter will start work. We will never start work until our customer is happy with the product.


We are proud to have a team of vastly experienced and exceptionally skilled, in-house carpenters. We will dedicate one carpenter to each project (scale depending), this fitter will remain on each project through to completion. We understand that every project is different; if you have any last minute on site changes to your schedule or bespoke detailing we are always to accommodate this.

Post installation

Following the completion of our installation programme, we will walk you through the completed project to ensure your complete satisfaction. We also complete a post installation sign off form with you to ensure that once fitted, both the floor and site conditions are all acceptable. Complete customer satisfaction is paramount to us.

Protecting the floor

It is massively important that following installation, your new floor is protected against damage caused by remaining works. On every project, we carry out a comprehensive 3 part protection process to ensure your new floor is free from damage. Upon absolute completion of your project we will return to your property, uplift the protection and apply a final maintenance product to ensure your floor looks amazing before your furniture, finishings and family move in.